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This was executed so well, and I'm soooooo glad to see it premiere on Newgrounds! I haven't kept up with the community for a few years, but it makes me really happy to see all of this talent here in 2019.

I love your live-action and animation mix style with these videos. It's done incredibly well

Very cool man! Glad to see you put this up. This clearly shows your amazing talent to animate :) You acknowledge and perfect every detail of animation and sound.

LenZ responds:

Thanks! Couldn't have done it without ur ending music as well!

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nice, but theres a glitch.

I like it and it's fun for when someone's bored, but I encountered a glitch. I was in one of the lower rooms (don't know how to describe it ) and as I was jumping upwards into another room, I activated my gravity ball and when I went into the other room, I was just a black smaller block and everything was gray. no obsticals at all.

love it. as good as the last dino run

I can't believe you made a sequel to the first game, which came out a couple of years ago. this sequel is great and I love playing it. nice job. i'm holding some of the top spots on the high score's list at the moment ;)

great game

I thought it was fantastic and a good time filler, however my only issue was that I just ran out of money to fill the kegs, so I had to start over.

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It sounded great. you've got a nice voice and played very well. nice job.


sounded great. I didn't think any of his songs could be remixed into a techno sound.


I really liked it. It had a good feel to it and a beautiful sound. I'm gonna put it on my music app.

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very well done

nice job. The artwork is very good, and the caption made me LOL. Clever idea for a pony.

hahaha, nice idea

that was clever of you to compare that flash to Watchmen. nice job. very funny too.
(it would be histerical if you made this a flash too)

wow, this is pretty amazing

I like the detail you put into it. kinda fictional looking though. He looks like Col. Klink from Hogans Heroes. lol.

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