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So Where Am I In Life

Posted by DannyJay - February 9th, 2012

My 2nd semester of Junior year began a little over a week ago. I can't believe I'm looking at colleges. I'm doing poorly in school, failing Algebra 2/trig and passing Physics by the skin of my teeth. I'm not aiming for a great school, but one that will teach me what I need to know for Film and Television production, and perhaps writing too. I've been looking at Ball State University, Columbia College in Chicago, Syracuse University (A major reach), SUNY schools, and a number of others. I hope there's work needed for that kind of thing in the world.

In the fall I had my first opportunity to direct a shoot for a school play (Our Town). It was a 3-night event so we had 3 shoots. I was meant to direct one act each night (originally act 1, then changed to act 3), but after a girl quit I volunteered to take over for her and directed two of three acts each night. I apparently did very well for my first time, according to my supervisor. I came after school to the school's TV studio everyday for a couple of weeks to edit the entire play by myself. I had never done any of this before, and I think the fact that I did well and it all clicked means that this is what I'm meant to do.

I've joined millions of people in being in an unemployed family. My mother has been unemployed 3 years as of last month and my father was fired 3 months ago. It's weird to think that 7 years ago, I lived in a nice big house with my 3 sisters, a dog, and both parents, while being spoiled. And now I live in a house half the size with just my mom, and we're broke. My world has truly "been flip turned upside down."

My dad had a secret marriage a year and a half ago with his girlfriend of 4 years. My sisters and I only found out recently when we all received texts and e-mails asking us about our dad's marriage and congratulating us. It turns out his "wife" decided to change her Facebook status to "married". Following this, I excommunicated my father from my life.

My music has been slow and crappy. I've only been teaching myself to play covers instead of creating new songs. I can't feel the new music come to me anymore. I hope it doesn't stay like this. As you can see though, I've been uploading piano covers of a number of Iron & Wine songs. Check 'em out. They're not fabulous but whatever.

So, my life isn't in a good spot now. It needs more happiness and ease. It's sad to say that it seems my only "escape" left is to the internet.

So Where Am I In Life

Comments (2)

Hah, when you mentioned Film and Television, I was hoping you would say Columbia College Chicago. I went there last semester. It's a great school, the city is awesome, and it isn't very difficult to get accepted.

Yungjazz went there too and he told me he liked it alot. I've never been to Chicago before. I'll be sure to apply. Thanks!

Off the top of my head, SUNY Purchase is the best SUNY school if film and television production is what you're aiming for. Given everything I already know about you, that's my main recommendation. Forget about Columbia College or really anywhere out of state if you're as poor as you say you are, because if that's the case, you should consider yourself lucky that you'll be able to go to college at all.