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I think i'm Emo

Posted by DannyJay - September 28th, 2008

I think I might be Emo. I'm not sure really.

No one likes me very much and that makes me sad,
I act normal but everyone hates me because i'm not like them *improper english, wearing pants low, etc.*.
My life is really screwed up. even when I get some really nice things like a Wii or a Sword I still feel sad about things like how my dad is a fucking jerk.


So what now newgrounds?

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If you are go watch a video on youtube Emo kid song check it out. LOL

not into that stuff.

Just remember...

"Nothing in life is worth getting upset for unless you fell it's worthy of getting upset over...the world doesn't owe you anything...and some things in life are just not worth your time or effort to be upset."

don't forget...the whole world is in much WORSE shape than your little problems.

The world is in economic trouble
Starvation in the World
Children getting kidnapped and sold as slaves (even sex slaves)
War and Terrorism
Cheating Corporations

If your in a hole...you can either Dig yourself deeper by feeling sorry for yourself...OR take advantage of your life and seek the opportunities to improve yourself and try to become a GREAT MAN!

This can be achieved through Education, Work, and Moral Fiber.

You only have ONE life...be Proud of how you were ONCE in a Hole...but climbed OUT on your own and with the help of those who care about you.

Be STRONG...your personal problems can never match up to what the world is in now.

As for your dad...well...Since he IS your father...you MUST honor and respect him. But it doesn't mean you have to like him. He and your Mother did bring you into this world. And you cannot choose your parents...but you can (when your a certain age) decide how to life your life.

And be aware...maybe your Dad really is trying to teach you something...maybe not the best father...but you can always learn from your PARENT'S mistakes.

The Sins of your forefathers can be cleansed by the determination and pure heart of the future children.

You can ALWAYS learn from your Parents...in more ways than one...

Chin Up BOY!

And Look to making EACH day Productive and Worth while.

Each Day...is a NEW Day...to do something great with your life...

I mean COME ON!

Doesn't playing Sim-Dating game teach people anything?

You can only make more money if your smarter...and you can only get the girl you want if you improve your social skills. And you can only defend yourself if your strong enough.

Don't be an EMO and feel SORRY for yourself all the time...

You CAN Climb out of ANY pit you may fall in...

You just have to have the Desire to Climb out.

Emo means you dress in black, listen to emo music, etc etc. It doesnt mean the same thing as depression.


I'm Emo. You're not. Bugger off.