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My New Diet Plan.

Posted by DannyJay - August 30th, 2008

ok. so i have a new reason on " Why I should Lose Weight. ".

My mom told me that if i drop 50 pounds in a year, she'll take me with her next time she goes to SanFrancisco. If i drop 30 pounds in a year, she'll give me either an xbox 360 or a PS3. But i can only pick one she said.

So I'm definetly dropping the weight now. Should i go to sanfran again or get a system?

oh.....It was Koffing.

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My New Diet Plan.

Comments (9)

System, then you can keep up with the VG fourm.

Actually,going on diets makes you GAIN weight.First you loose weight by not eating.Then when you eat normal again,which your body got not used to when you went on a diet,you gain wiehgt because your body is not used to it.So just exorsise more.

OM NOM NOM NOM. You spoiled brat. You get a luxurious life, but you decide to run away. I hope you choke on your Whataburger.

well, " luxurious life" comes with a price.

'well, " luxurious life" comes with a price.'

Oh fuck off. You're spoiled rotten, yet act like your life is one big fucking mess. Well guess what buddy, some people can't even afford to rant on the internet, and they're thankful for the food they eat that day. But you'll always be an ignorant slob, constantly BAWWWWWing about your family, your oh so horrible europe holidays or some other stupid shit.

Wise up. please, before you become one of those people everyone avoids.

you just dont get it so stfu and gtfo

I say system its more better and you can keep it forever (unless it brakes)

DIETS DON'T WORK. You need to eat regularly, but also exercise.

Eat a little less, move more.

And I would get a console, San Francisco isn't that great...

But I really hope that you decide to not go on a diet... it's not good for you.

ok.ok. no dieting. eat regular, exercise. got it,

glad you accept.

Go die.


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