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why does everyone hate me?

Posted by DannyJay - July 22nd, 2008

I never start anything. people just get pissed at me for the way I look.

since the thread was locked, im moving it here.
no seriously. What The Fuck?I post, I get hated on by a few users, I tell them to fuck off or I talk back to them, then they start pointing shit out and trying to act cool and making a huge deal about it. Serisouly, people treat me like George Bush. some like me, some hate me. Why are you pissed because i have big breast. You want the story behind it. HERE

march 6th,2006, My Best friend died from twisted lung lobes. He was my best friend. he was my age.he stood up for me when I was getting picked on just like i am now with you guys, except its real life. He got hit by a car and got his arm cut open by the wheel and the car just did a hit and run. we didn't know who it was. So he got better but then he had to go to the hospital because he was breathing weird. We brought him and found out if we didn't bring him he would have died the next morning. He had to get cut open and have fluids drip from him. he was there for 2 weeks. I got out of school on march 6th to find out my bestfriend had a heart attack in the hospital. his name was Max.

After that I was pissed and depressed and tried to commit suicide numerous times but i couldn't. I just ended up cutting myself and living. I took anti-depresent pills but we didn't know that side effects were weight gain. I got fat from taking those pills. the pills made me eat more. and when i wanted to lose weight, I couldn't because it became a constant habit. My life was going down hill ever since that day. I would eat because I was depressed. My dad went to rehab, my parents got divorced, my dad quit his job and sold our house, my parents started dating bad people, and worse.

I would hang on newgrounds, go on the BBS, watch flashes, etc. I made some friends. When I met Tom Fulp, we had a good time. I was hanging out with bob, april, tom, and mike's GF *i cant think of her name at the moment*.I got home, made a thread, and people made fun of me because I was fat. just because im fat doesn't mean that you can hate me because of that. That hurts ok. Everyone has a problem. some have acne, voices, mental disabilty, being fat, or just being plane strange. I NEVER said anything to hurt people. So Please Stop being pricks. Just act nice. being a punk isn't cool. And for the sake of all of this shit, I lost some weight and its a huge challenge for me.

why does everyone hate me?

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By saying your fat and stuff?

and starting shit. like because i got 1 person pissed, they change it into a huge deal and spread it.

That's because most people are idiots and feel better by telling people how they look is wrong. People tell me I have a pointy nose, I don't care. I get that like 24/7 too.

You deleted my post, stop being a pussy fucker, I've had it with you, can't beleive I was close friends with you, go on, block me, I don't give a shit.

when were you my friend?

Meh, I remember when I first signed up I talked to you alot.

when?i dont remember

its the fact that you post a picture of yourself in almost every thread and always say OMG I MET TOM!!11!1one

no. i dont.thats my sig

Hey loser stop posting pictures of yourself, no one likes to see a fatty like you.

By the way I just checked out your old news posts and I can totally see why people hate you, I mean you let these people get to you about being fat, and you post the stupidest shit.

stfu. u just signed up.

Dude come on cheer up.
If you expected compasion, careing, or not getting made fun of by theese pricks you obveousely haven't learned the laws of NG.
Just ignore the faggots who make fun of you.
Their are people who care and I happen to be one of them.
If anyones RELY bugging you come to me for help, I have eyes in high places and can get the dueshes who mock you in some deep shit.

I don't hate you. You haven't given me a reason to.

I've no problem with you squire.