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Comments (10)

Who's this, BELLA, girl you speak of?

=D Still didn't get an answer from my dad....hes on vacation in ohio with is *damn bitchy* girlfriend.....

hey man
i live about 2 hours from gettysburg.
i think ive been there at least 10 times.
get a guide.....you will get lost
if you wanna know any good spots just pm me and ill tell you some of my fav
also, try a ghost tour, their kind of interesting.

Hey, thanks. I've actually heard about these ghost tours...I think. any ways, I was watching this show on BIO *forget what its called. not ghost hunters* anyways, it was this guy who gave these 3 other rich guys a tour, and they saw this sentrie of civil war soldiers marching, and they thought it was a show, but when they got back into town, they found out that it was ghost.

thanks man. I'll be sure to PM you!

I saw you on the NG cam. Looks like you and Tom are pretty close.

we're just friends. not like CLOSE Friends, but like in between friends and close.

Lucky :(. I am not allowed to go out of state anymore because of money and stuff

you are one lucky guy you know that right? you got to meet the guys who created this great website

you are one lucky guy! hope you had a good time at the NG office!

lol. pure luck and chance. I even got a free Diet C...I mean...Budweiser Beer! Tom is the best!

I saw you on the cam. I was truly disappointed as I expected to see a gay orgy. I mean, you were at the NGHQ, after all.

cool man glad you had fun

Glad you had a fun time. What did you actually do besides just hang out?

we went on stickam in the confrence room and used the webcam. we talked to people. then we played some street fighter IV

Yeah I seen you on cam just thought you did something extra super awesome, but okay. Did you jump on those sumo couch thingies?

I forgot to. Damn.

You lucky cat...

Im a dog person.