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DannyJay's News

Posted by DannyJay - February 13th, 2009


So my dad and I have off next week, and we're taking a lil vacation. We decided on PA. He likes gettysburg, I like Gettysburg, I like Newgrounds, He goes and does his own thing.

Im going to gettysburg in which there is the possibility of me meeting BELLLLER *aka Bella* from Newgrounds. =D

As Im in PA, Im stopping by the NG HQ to hang out a little =D =D XD! meet the staff and all.

if your in PA, near Gettysburg or glenside, tell me if you wanna meet up.

LOVED IT.!!! NG HQ is awesome. I have to go back there.


Posted by DannyJay - February 8th, 2009

today I went to comiccon. I give it a 8.5 / 10. my reasons for not a full 10 is because It was to crowded, didn't get to see anyone from NG's =( and the food was expensive. $4 FOR A COKE?! THIS ISN'T F*CKING EUROPE!
anyways, I checked out the konami booth and saw these things for yugioh called " DUEL TERMINALS " , in which its almost exactly like the things from the yugioh series 1, except its not holographic. you can still scan cards into the game though, which is pretty neat. I tried it, but these retarded kids kept making a fuss about how they wanted to keep playing and their mom's we're just laughing......poor single moms =(

as I browsed around, I visited Sword booths, GTA booths *for chinatown wars* , and than.....THAN, I came across VGCATS' booth. I heard they would be there but I forgot, so I was surprised to see them. I saw Scott, his fiance , and his friends......Scott is a very quite yet creative man. I bought a VGCATS T-Shirt, clip cards, and I got autographs and sketchs done. * Scott can draw pretty fast*

all in all, I loved Comic Con. I wish It didn't close at 5.....=(=(:(

the next con is either gonna be Big Apple con, in june, or Anime Fest, in september 24-28.

Posted by DannyJay - January 30th, 2009

here it is folks, the New Journal you've all been waiting for. *okay most of you.....some of you....alright no one saw it coming...*

NewYork comicon is 1 week from now, Im going Saturday, February 7th. I hope some of you will go. I know some people that are, to name a few, LenZ , the guy that made the "EgoCity" series may be going, Kirbophere is going, he said in his journal he'll be around the FUNimation booth, and im sure more will be going. Luis will be attending checking out some booths. check out his journal entry.

Unfortunatly , there is a threat to NYCC....4Chan making an apperance is HIGHLY LIKELY 97% possible. Just like at NY AF *newyork animefest* back in september, they made an apperance with the infamous "Anonymous march" *video below* that I witnessed with my own eyes. *im in the video for 3 seconds in the right cornor when the maids join the picture. Not a huge deal or anything (Im between 5:43 and 5:49)*
They'll probally make some protest about scientology and play " ITS OVER 9000!" on there speaker over and over again.

for those who wanna attend, Its at the JACOB JAVITS CENTER in newyork, like $20 per pass to get in, and the con is from February 6th - February 8th.
There will be alot of people there, so put on something that shows your a NGer. A Newgrounds T-Shirt, maybe dress up as a NG character if your gonna be in the costume contest *doesn't matter if ur in the contest*

I can swear to you on my life....well maybe .Eggys if he'll let me, there will be atleast 1 Solid Snake there, choking a Captain America or something.

well, I better get my plans done, let me know if your going and wanna meetup or somethin. seeya there.

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EDIT: new fourm signature, yah. finally.

so I went to the J J C, and turns out tickets were sold oiut =( *I knew my dad shoulda let me buy them on line*
the good news is, I will be there tomorrow, cause I bought a sunday ticket just now. so if your going on sunday, I will DEFINATLY be there. SEEYA!

NewYork ComicCon : HUGE EDIT MUST READ!!!

Posted by DannyJay - January 17th, 2009

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I went to the cradle of aviation today on longisland. where aviation evoulved from the wright bros. first plane, to the lunar module in the space race. heres a pic and video.

if your ever on longisland, visit this place.

The Cradle of Aviation

Posted by DannyJay - January 4th, 2009



Posted by DannyJay - January 2nd, 2009


Posted by DannyJay - December 24th, 2008

i got my Christmas presents =)

Thanks Newgrounds, for the stickers, T-shirt, Calander, and Poster.

I also got a sword, shirts, pajamas, dog training kit, and a few little things.

Posted by DannyJay - December 19th, 2008

I feel like a peace of shit. actually lower than that.I'm not acknowlegeded much except for being yelled at. My life is horrible. I have cool stuff but I'm ignored by my family and friends. I'd trade this life with anyone if I could. I'd be happy than... Sometimes I feel the will to die, but for some reason i just can't shove the knife, or pull the trigger.people say i'm spoiled, but I'd give everything I have for atleast someone in my family to love and care about me. My life has no meaning anymore. It's been bad to me.

~When I fall, no one will help me up

i'm depressed

Posted by DannyJay - December 17th, 2008

it will get you no where.

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Posted by DannyJay - December 12th, 2008

can prevent a wild fire.

NEVER smoke weed.

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also heres a 2012 trailer.