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DannyJay's News

Posted by DannyJay - January 22nd, 2010

Gory Blizzard touched my ass..... I feel so violated :(

edit : level 19 bitches.

Posted by DannyJay - January 7th, 2010

well, with the BBS awards off my shoulders and heading back to school tomorrow, things are getting back to normal. Not much going on. I have all of my money for the NYC meet in a peanut jar on my shelf, though I'm curious if $100 will be enough. ehh I'll put like $5 off to the side every week just incase, and if I end up having had to much money after the meet, I'll use what's left over to get stuff, so its a win win scenario.
I'm feeling kinda tired so i'm going to bed. gotta get up in 10 hours for school...ughh.

Posted by DannyJay - November 27th, 2009

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Hello children. Its been like a month since my last post. umm so lets see whats happening....

The 2010 NYC meet is getting a bit of attention and this should do better than the previous. More people, more things to do, etc. however, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU BRING ATLEAST $75-$100 with you for food, things we go see, and transportation. This doesn't include hotels, so you need to work that out. If you need a hotel, Google cheap New York hotels or something. it all depends on your budget.


School's kinda lame, dad's moving, getting ready for Christmas and stuff. Oh, Happy black friday everyone. don't get trampled to death like the guy that did at my local Wal-Mart. ummm tonight i'm going bowling for some town teen thing. Its from 10:30 to 12:30. Seems kinda fun. Midnight bowling.

OH, you guys may have heard about Justin Beiber causing a riot at a mall ( happened to be one right near me ). I don't understand how a 15 year old canadian kid who looks like he's 9 and that i've never heard of could cause a riot consisting of 3,500 SCREAMING TWEEN GIRLS.. I went to the mall where it happened a couple of days ago and asked some people that work at stores there if they saw anything. they said it was so loud in the mall and things got really out of hand. Lol when I went to the spot where it his little concert was supposed to happen I saw alot of cracks in the ground that weren't there before, probably from all the girls.

btw, sorry that I failed at copypasta and that I made the thread so early.
Edit : Voting thread is up

umm guess this news post comes to an end. ehh I don't have alot on my mind/not many interesting things happening.

NYC meet, BBS Awards, and other shit

Posted by DannyJay - November 9th, 2009

well, Gory and Valz and some other people on Stickam decided to change the meet up to MARCH 13th & 14th. That means if you're coming both nights, you should get a hotel. umm they also decided to change the meeting point to Bryant Park. Gory & I suggested that since we aren't going to the Bronx Zoo, we'll try to go to atleast some of these things ( things will be added or taken away as the date draws closer ) :
South Street Sea Port, Visit a cool Davinci or Titanic exhibit ( actual stuff made by Davinci and stuff recovered from the Titanic wreck ), and then get some lunch, head to 2 other boroughs and check out the Museum of sex ( must be at least 17 ) and the Museum of Transit, and check out some other places out side Manhatten and end the says with Dinner.

We think the meals will be fast food so people don't have to have an extreme budget. Gory will be making the thread this week, so I'll link that here when he does. There are enough people coming so this meet up is at least a moderate success.Thats about it I think.

I'm sorry this news post didn't seem very promising, I was just told about this stuff and we just discussed it so i'm kinda in the heat of the moment.

EDIT : heres the thread.

If you plan on coming, PM either Me or Gory your Cell numbers to make finding everyone easier ( recommend you PM it to both of us. )


Posted by DannyJay - October 29th, 2009

Goryblizzard and I are planning a 2010 New York City meet up. ( if you didn't already know )
We'll release all of the information when we make the thread, but for now, I am only posting what we defiantly know.
okay, so this meet IS happening. we're just talking about the issue of money now and discussing what time we'll do each thing. We decided that the date for the meet up will be sometime between March 27th & April 6th ( passover/easter break ). If we get enough people that want to come, we'll add the Bronx Zoo to the day, but then it would be best if we went on a wednesday so we get in for free. Other than that, the meet up will pretty much take place in down town around the world trade center, south street sea port, etc. We have some ideas of things to do.

Either there will be 1 more update after this one or we'll just make the thread. stay tuned kiddies.

NYC 2010 meetup update

Posted by DannyJay - October 11th, 2009

There is currently a New York City 2010 Meet up being planned by me and Goryblizzard. we're currently deciding on locations and dates in the city. we might just stay in Manhattan, but we also considered using the MTA to go to other boroughs. We pretty much started planning last night, but I'm pretty sure this meet up will happen in the near future. I'll make an update when I get more information. When we're 100% done with planning, we'll make a thread.


so me and my friends LOVE the scene from Office Space where they smash up a printer. We wanted to reenact it, but all we had was a broken dell, so we figured " we wanna do this really badly, so who cares if its a computer, its even better. "

so here is the result. Go ahead and laugh at me ripping up the computer and growling like an ape. Just try to ignore the fatness.

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Posted by DannyJay - October 3rd, 2009

found these on youtube.

10 things that made you gay ( #3 and #1 are the best )

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10 commercials before they were stars ( actually pretty cool )

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10 best animes ( I noticed this one is opinionated because Inuyasha got a better rank than fullmetal alchemist, even though FMA won more awards. )

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Posted by DannyJay - September 20th, 2009

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how I made sooooo many enemy's. like for example, I'm never in the Stickam Chat Room more than 30 seconds before being insta-kicked now.

Edit : Good bye level 16, Hello level 17

Posted by DannyJay - September 10th, 2009


Posted by DannyJay - August 24th, 2009

Birthday is September 4th, 5:56 AM.


just going to celebrate all day. Going to ADVENTURE LAND ( not the movie, but the theme park that the movie is BASED off of. ) and then tonight I'm either going to a Dave and Busters or a Hooters.



Such an awesome place. it was my first time there, so I thought that for birthdays they give lap dances or some shit. They called my name and 3 others on a mic and told us to stand in the center of the restaurant. They had 4 chairs, so I automatically figured it would definitely be a lap dance. then they told us to stand on the chairs, put cups in our mouths, and hold a menu in each hand. I was thinking WTF? So they then made us dance like owls or chickens or whatever, and I had no idea what the fuck to do, so I just kinda shaked the menus and did some kind of body movement. Lol. I loved the waitresses there. Very Attractive young ladies, but then again, that's why they're hired. lol.

If you've never been there before, you should go. very cool place.

birthday soon. EDIT: IT IS!!!