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DannyJay's News

Posted by DannyJay - August 6th, 2008

so, im going to U.S. in the US today. lol. I got alot of brochurses so we might get a few disccounts. they were 3 diffrent brochurse for universal studios so i dunno how its all gonna work out.

first of all, let me start by saying " Im not a Rich Fuck. " im going on vacation because i haven't in 3 years. the trip to europe was wrong because i just found out my dad spent all of our college money on it and stuff. so im pissed at him.

ok. so if anyone in the LA area wants to meet up at Universal, find me there. I'll be wearing a NG shirt, light shorts, and a berkely jacket. or leave a post or PM where you wanna meet before i leave.

Posted by DannyJay - July 28th, 2008

ok. My birthday is on september 4th, 1 week before 9/11, the day AFTER school starts, and Some years, labor day.

I've narrowed down the partys i should do. I know some people dont do partys because they think its childish, but I do Partys that aren't childish. I do Arcades, Paintball, etc.
people useually think a party is gonna be Fun-Zone.*gay* or some kid park.

So. The choices i can pick from are....
Long Island paintball
dave & busters
the GOOD six flags.


EDIT: Please post here! http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/93 8795/2 I want it to be huge!

Edit 3:IM GOING TO CALIFORNIA TOMORROW! *which is august 2nd*

Posted by DannyJay - July 24th, 2008

I made one. what do you think?

Mind Fuck

Posted by DannyJay - July 22nd, 2008

I never start anything. people just get pissed at me for the way I look.

since the thread was locked, im moving it here.
no seriously. What The Fuck?I post, I get hated on by a few users, I tell them to fuck off or I talk back to them, then they start pointing shit out and trying to act cool and making a huge deal about it. Serisouly, people treat me like George Bush. some like me, some hate me. Why are you pissed because i have big breast. You want the story behind it. HERE

march 6th,2006, My Best friend died from twisted lung lobes. He was my best friend. he was my age.he stood up for me when I was getting picked on just like i am now with you guys, except its real life. He got hit by a car and got his arm cut open by the wheel and the car just did a hit and run. we didn't know who it was. So he got better but then he had to go to the hospital because he was breathing weird. We brought him and found out if we didn't bring him he would have died the next morning. He had to get cut open and have fluids drip from him. he was there for 2 weeks. I got out of school on march 6th to find out my bestfriend had a heart attack in the hospital. his name was Max.

After that I was pissed and depressed and tried to commit suicide numerous times but i couldn't. I just ended up cutting myself and living. I took anti-depresent pills but we didn't know that side effects were weight gain. I got fat from taking those pills. the pills made me eat more. and when i wanted to lose weight, I couldn't because it became a constant habit. My life was going down hill ever since that day. I would eat because I was depressed. My dad went to rehab, my parents got divorced, my dad quit his job and sold our house, my parents started dating bad people, and worse.

I would hang on newgrounds, go on the BBS, watch flashes, etc. I made some friends. When I met Tom Fulp, we had a good time. I was hanging out with bob, april, tom, and mike's GF *i cant think of her name at the moment*.I got home, made a thread, and people made fun of me because I was fat. just because im fat doesn't mean that you can hate me because of that. That hurts ok. Everyone has a problem. some have acne, voices, mental disabilty, being fat, or just being plane strange. I NEVER said anything to hurt people. So Please Stop being pricks. Just act nice. being a punk isn't cool. And for the sake of all of this shit, I lost some weight and its a huge challenge for me.

why does everyone hate me?

Posted by DannyJay - July 20th, 2008

ok. so Big Apple Con 2 starts in november. read my post

if you have any questions PM me or post them below.

And Dont be a Homo.

Big Apple Con 2

Posted by DannyJay - July 16th, 2008

ok. so Big Apple Con 2 starts in november. read my post.

if you have any questions PM me or post them below.

Big Apple Con 2

Posted by DannyJay - July 14th, 2008

/* */
im back. but this time, ill post from 10-1.

10. Cold Hearted Teens.

/* */
9.Peter Does the dance.

/* */
8.And Then Theres Maude!

/* */

/* */
6.I can tell you right now, they'll be dead in the next 20 years.

/* */
Will Edit soon for more.

EDIT: here they are.
5. if you like familyguy, watch the whole way through.

/* */
4.whos car was that?

/* */
3. Greenday plays Johnny B Goode

/* */

/* */
and finally, best for last, 1.They Rick rolled a junior high...*how come they got in?*

/* */

Posted by DannyJay - July 10th, 2008

check it out

I wanna do this. read it. your gonna wanna also.

In other news...=D

Wade Fulp Commented on my piano playing XD!!!!!!!!!

Posted by DannyJay - July 9th, 2008

/* */
lol. well, its funnyer when u can hear it better.

Posted by DannyJay - July 9th, 2008

alright. since its upsetting alot of people, I wont do it. Tom asked me how I was doing and we talked a little, I also chatted with some of you guys. Thanks. Sorry that I upseted alot of you.