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DannyJay's News

Posted by DannyJay - August 29th, 2008

This is DEFINATLY my number. There is no way in a millon billion years will it be a pay phone number in a populated area with the great chances that someone will answer. And i'll probally answer sometime between september 3rd and june 13th.

516 825 9653

chances are really good during the day.

Posted by DannyJay - August 27th, 2008

My dad got a pic.

for the show 30 rock.

Alec Baldwin filming at 30 rock.

Posted by DannyJay - August 27th, 2008

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And eat it!

Posted by DannyJay - August 26th, 2008

well remembe he post where i said i went to roosevelts house? heres the video.

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Posted by DannyJay - August 23rd, 2008

I went to his house and grave. Pretty awsome house. Its on long island.

Posted by DannyJay - August 19th, 2008

ok. so heres what happened.

2 nights ago, i ran away from my dad's house for being a freak of nature. So I had about 70 dollars to last me about a week or less. i didn't plan to stay out for long. So slept in a park and a motel.People kept calling my cell and stuff. I walked about 11 miles before the police came and brought me back. My dad kept telling me he did nothing wrong.

Ok. It is WRONG to be a parent, who is 45, who doesn't hang out with people his own age, who says WASSUP NIG*ER! even though he is white or thug life, Who Sleeps with 20 year olds, who ignores the family, who grabs his son by the arm and hits him if he thinks he did something wrong, who CLAIMS to spend time with the family when all he does is spend all his time with his ugly bitch girlfriend and his friends, I could keep going.

If your 45 and wanna sleep with 20 year olds thats fine, but it you have a family already, then no, its not ok, its F*cked up.

so now im living with my mom until my dad can be normal again and hang out with his 45 year old friends, his old friends.

Posted by DannyJay - August 16th, 2008

hey guys. so listen, heres a new contest. your objective is to make a mindfuck picture like the one below without taking another picture or stealing an exact same as someone else's mindfuck idea.

Prize is free pic of whatever you want me to draw. wheather its photoshop or just a plane drawing.

when you have made your picture, please link me the pic.

mindfuck contest

Posted by DannyJay - August 12th, 2008

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Remember kids, dont do drugs.

*sigh*this is why i drink.. THIS is why i Drink.

MINESWEEPER....the movie.

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Your Mother

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This is life.

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this is the best prank you can ever pull off.

Posted by DannyJay - August 11th, 2008

due to the fact my dad belongs to the NA, he believes friends and meetings come before family. He doesn't give a shit about me, so really, im down to having 1 mom, who became an alcholic....again. and a grandma and grandpa and my mom's side uncle and aunt.

and i barly see my grandparents and uncle and aunt.

so yeah, my life sucks. i found out the money used for my euro trip was my college money my other grandparents left for me before they died. My Dad Is A Dip Shit.

I HATE my dad

Posted by DannyJay - August 7th, 2008

So. yesterday i spent my time in Universal studios. SO MUCH FUN! these 2 guys, 1 a cop, and 1 a wax person, were hilarious. So we were walking to the Simpsons ride *which was quite funny* and this guy dressed like a cop takes me and my friend over to a fake taxi cab and makes us put our hands on the car. Hes yelling and we just start cracking up. as we were walking away, he starts blowing his whistle and screams " SHHHHHHHHH! THIS WOMEN IS ON THE PHONE! EVERYONE BE QUIET! SHHHHHHHHHH! " and we just cracked up. Then some guy in this western part of town, who looked like a statue, just stared into space, and stood very very.....still... then when you least expect it and your close to him, he moves and shakes the persons hand. we just crack up because everyone got scared.

The Revenge Of The Mummy ride was SO MUCH FUN! I went on 3 times. then my mom dragged me away. its so cool. it doesn't go upside down or anything. its just fast and curvey. I LOVED it.

The best ride in the park, TERMINATOR 2 : 3D , which was amazing. It starts out with us in a room and some women comes and talks about " cyber - whatever " company and I would say something and everyone starts cracking up. then we watch a video and then john and sarah come along and warn us to leave the place. we dont, so we enter the auditorium, she shows us terminatiors shooting targets. then sarah and john come. UP ON STAGE. and they look like the real thing. its awsome. they start shooting in the air and its real guns shooting blanks. they are so loud and cool. Then when the cop terminatior comes they start shooting and running. they actually ran right behind us fast. then arnold comes on his motorcycle *he had the exact same look and accent* and took john to the future to be "Safe" but then we watch a movie about what they do, and it ends after arnold dies....again. and john living and going back in time to hug his mom. 5 STARS MAN!

Shrek 4-D sucked.

Jurrasic park was to scary to go on.

The studio tour was awsome. videos are on my youtube account.

well, G2G. BYE!